“Dear Jean, I wanted to thank you for the compassionate, professional care you gave me during my latest flair up of vertigo. I have not had another incident since you used your techniques on me. I am also feeling stronger and more flexible since doing my exercises.” “Thank you,”

– A.D.

"I’m a recreational runner and anytime I’ve had any kind of injury, I’ve always trusted Pinnacle to get me healthy and back on the road running again. They have always got me in for treatment immediately even if it were arranging their schedule. I highly recommend you check them out for any needs you might have."
- Michael R.
"In the midst of all the bad stuff I want to thank everyone who has prayed over me about my knee and all the pain that has come with the surgery. I have to tell you all that it is starting to feel soooo much better. I have put in a lot of hard work, along with Jean McConnell who owns Pinnacle Health Concepts on 224 behind Second Sole. She has seen me thru many a times I have needed therapy with grace and humor, lots of humor!! lol thank you soooo much Jean, don't know how I would have done this without you, thru all the tears, screaming, yelling, beating on the walls, you got me thru this and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!"
- Linda B.
"If you want consistency along with an actual interest in helping you, then this is where you should be. Jean Copploe and her staff are kind and compassionate. I have gained more knowledge and solutions to target my particular needs than I have with other health care providers."
- Johanna N.
"Jean is awesome! I have been seeing her for almost two years! She really knows her stuff. If your dizzy, have migraines or balance issues she’s your girl!!"
- Stephanie B.
- Joan P.
"Most awesome place & people I’ve found to get physical therapy! Check them out for any PT you need!"
- Loretta U.
"Jean and her staff are amazing! 5 stars"
- Dina S.
"Thank you for treating me all those years ago!"
- Dr. C.